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There are motorcyclists who would never consider owning a trike, but most of them probably havenít ridden one. Itís fair to say that a trike will not appeal to everybody, but for out and out wind in your hair fun and as a guaranteed crowd stopper, thereís not much to compare with a bike-engined trike. Relaxing to ride, and usually with space for a passenger or two, they can be a great alternative to a two wheeler.

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Over the years countless numbers of bikes have been used as the basis for a trike conversion, but certain models do lend themselves particularly well to the concept. Large cruiser type motorcycles such as the Honda Goldwing, many Harley Davidson models or even the blisteringly quick Suzuki Hayabusa are popular. Custom finishes, copious amounts of chrome, big wheels and tyres and loads of trick bits are common, and this is often reflected in the price. Whilst there is a significant cottage industry in the UK producing custom made trikes, several of these companies also offer trike conversion kits which are aimed at the home builder. If you want to buy a used trike take particular care to have it checked out properly first, preferably by somebody who has experience with this type of machine. Buy a good one though and you should have loads of fun!

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