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Pit bikes were originally built as a means of getting around race paddocks for riders and race team mechanics in the early 1960's. The first examples used engines designed for lawnmowers, but as the concept developed, minibikes incorporating small Honda 4-stroke motorcycle engines in purpose built frames eventually became popular as pure fun machines. Modern pitbikes resemble full size motocross bikes, but are built on a (much!) smaller scale, usually with 10 inch wheels, and most often with 50cc, 110cc or 125cc 4-stroke motors. In recent years a whole industry has built up to supply the increasing demand for custom and performance parts for pit bikes, in fact you could actually build your own bike from parts from specialist manufacturers, and most serious racers use the Honda CRF50 minibike as the basis for a race conversion.

In view of their small size and relatively powerful engines, Pitbikes are great fun to ride, but they should not be considered a toy. Despite their small size, they are designed for adult use, not for kids. It is illegal to use a one in public areas in the UK, though there are several great pitbike racing clubs that you can join where they can be used in a controlled environment. Clubs organise motocross type meetings and pitbike supermoto is popular too. As with any form of motorcycle it is most important that you always wear the correct protective gear before riding, so a good quality helmet, boots and body armour are basic essentials. Before buying a cheap pitbike check it out carefully-many will have had a hard life and may not have enjoyed the attentions of a qualified mechanic (or any mechanic for that matter!) –Buy a good one though and you should have a load of fun without spending a fortune.

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